When you think of keto, you think of HIGH FAT. High fat scares a lot of people, but it doesn’t for traditional keto people who slurps butter & bacon grease by the gallon. When you say you do high protein, you get all the keto police saying “too much protein=too much sugar.” There are many evidences saying its not really the case because while it does produce some form of sugar, it won’t make you FAT. Look at it this way, humans used to be carnivore before we even knew about fresh vegetables. They survived and evolved since then.

I had my gall bladder out in June 2009. When I was reading about keto, I was actually genuinely worried maybe it wouldn’t work for me. I even watched the magic pill on Netflix, which is a good show by the way. I started joining facebook keto groups, and I saw people were actually doing keto THEIR WAY. There’s lazy & dirty keto, clean keto, and the high protein keto. I already love to eat meat as it is, so I joined all of them plus the high protein keto one. I’ve lurked for months, and when it was time to get my macros done, I started on July 29th, 2019.

I basically keep my meals simple. A lot of meat with some veggies (we need SOME carbs) and a little bit of fat. I did not feel the same distress as I did when I was eating carbs with my gall bladder being gone. I went to the bathroom less (which was good for me). I felt FULL and did not feel the need to snack. That was because of the amount of meat I was eating at meal times (which was only twice a day). I lost nearly 30 POUNDS the first month (Technically month of August as I’ve started July 29).

I also lost over 30 inches over my entire body since starting. I have not measured everywhere recently. I seem to be losing more inches then weight, but I know its building me muscles. When I see results, it makes it worth it doing high protein. I occassionally have some bacon, or higher fat, but its not often. I treat higher fat as an actual treat. Some people need their sweet fix. I just want my meat because its the most delcious thing on my plate. (Veggies can be boring if you don’t dress it up often).

I feel I have a lot more energy, I am sleeping better and a hell of a less bloating in my stomach. I think its true with the traditional keto but with me and my missing gb issues, it’s a blessing. No more runs to the bathroom. No more telling my fiance I need to be near a bathroom within 10 mile radius if we go anywhere out of town.

These are my reasons why I do high protein keto. What are your reasons? If it’s not high protein, why do you do keto?



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