Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. So much have happened, especially with COVID-19 impacting our lives.

When I’ve started Only Deliciousness, I wanted to share the most delicious foods that I could find. But I was on the low carb diet and I’ve felt maybe I should be limited to keto/low carb options when it came to OD. But honestly, after being MIA for a while, I think we should go back to loving ALL sorts of food, including the keto foods. Why be limited? Not every keto food is delicious, not every regular food is delicious. But going back to talking about ALL sorts of food, and talking about how good it is will truly bring Only Deliciousness the life that it always deserved.

Very soon, I will post my favorite 2020 dishes of the year. Some are low carb, some are definitely not. But I promise you that they were delicious.

As for my journey, I am on a temporary pause from the low carb lifestyle, but I plan on being back on keto early January. I’ll be strict for a while, I’ll be daydreaming about the regular food, but I realize I tend to cheat on holidays and birthdays. I’ll be posting recipes, excerise tips and my journey through out the year next year. I want to prove that you can do both low carb and regular food, as long you restrict your calories and actually drink your water. It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you are on, drinking water is crucial and will help you lose the weight. I know that I still need to lose the weight.

I know that there is other low carb websites that are strictly low carb, and that’s cool. But I think all food/drinks should be appreciated, no matter what diet it is, as long its delicious. Those websites definitely gave me inspiration for many low carb recipes that I am forever grateful for because they actually taste good.

I plan on relaunching Only Delicousness by next week. I hope that some of you who reads this will actually stay, but if you don’t, thank you so much for reading this blog. It means the world to me that you’ve supported me throughout my journey.

Until then,



A good reason to use the grill more

I’ve actually been in a stall for a LONG time just being keto, sometimes low carb. After heavily researching, I’ve decided I am going to modify my diet. I’ve decided for the time being, I am going carnivore at least 3 (maybe 4) days a week. I was going to do full on, but I don’t want to accidentally stray off plan (as I have done with keto at times).

I will be posting on social media what I ate every single day and tracking my progress. I’m hoping at the end of this modifed diet, I see the results I am looking for. Then I will most likely get back on keto as I FEEL BETTER than I ever have in years.

I am also going to be adding more exercise so I don’t get the severe dreaded loose skin. It’s still my fear that I will be saggy everywhere and I’m not even 30 yet. I already walk my dog daily but I’m thinking of getting a pair of dumbbells (if they’re still available in stores, they’ve been selling like hotcakes lately) and do more strength training. I will too post progress on that.

Ready to build mini muscles

If you want to follow a similar plan that I am going to be following, you can do so. Here it is:

Sunday- keto-low carb, rest day

Monday- Carnivore, walk & strength training

Tuesday- keto-low carb, walk

Wednesday- Carnivore, walk, strength training & weights

Thursday- Carnivore, walk, strength training & weights

Friday- keto-low carb, walk

Saturday- keto-low carb, walk

I may change it up, but if you want to try carnivore you can try it slowly before going full on. I just choose not to do it full on at this time.

Please wish me luck, and hope that this actually break this stall and gives me the whoosh I’ve been waiting for since…. pre corona.

Have a great night y’all and don’t forget to follow me on social media so you can see how I actually fare out. If not, I will be posting on here as much as possible.





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