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As you know, I’ve been doing low carb since August of last year. I normally don’t talk about my updates because for me I felt like it’s been really slow. I’m someone who has PCOS (which may contribute why its slow going).

A while back, I said I was going to try carnivore 3 days maybe 4 days a week. As of today, I still don’t see any difference on the scale. I get so hungry after I have a day of carbs, and that could be why I overeat the first 2 days of the week when I am attempting carnivore. I’m definitely guilty not drinking enough water as well. It is true, that we need to drink HALF our weight daily.

However, the inches have been coming off. I haven’t had any real luck with the numbers on the scale ( I use THIS ONE by the way), you can see that I am getting smaller. I walk my dog daily. I konw I was supposed to do more forms of exercise, but I haven’t had found the time to actually do the ones I want to do. It’s been beautiful outside day in and day out, so taking hour long walks with my dog I felt was enough. Maybe it is, because I seem to be more muscular.

January to June 2020. Proof that while pounds don't always come off, inches do!
January to June 2020. Proof that while pounds don’t always come off, inches do!

Having cheat days (where you have whatever you want) is not worth it in my opinion. You just lose the same water weight all week, then if you have another cheat day a week after, that same water weight. It’s been hard for me because I’m surrounded by family who refuses to give up their carbs. I never want to offend them by bringing my own stuff but I also don’t want to offend them.

What worked for me last year is being under 30 carbs a day. I have been extremely lax when cooking food for my fiance, but I need to get back to being strict. Some people who does keto can cheat and go back to losing actual pounds. Not me. Someone like me, especially with PCOS, have to stay strict. I believe it’s the same for most PCOS women.

On the plus side, this year my period has been getting regular on its own. I went off the pill in July 2019. So, as a health benefit, this is been worth it as I do want children in the future.

For now, I am probably going back to meat and veggies, and back to tracking. When I was tracking, I was losing. I will provide another update on my birthday to let you guys know the progress. Subscribe if you don’t want to miss the next update!

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Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’ve been experimenting with lots of new flavors, of course keto style. I know they say, don’t attempt complicated flavors or it will taste nasty. But I promise, it’s worth the risk. I am still primarily a meat and veggies girl, but sometimes you need that extra kick. So I wanna share some food photos that inspired me to make that particular dish.

Lets start from the Top Left:

Blueberry keto scones. They are technically part of British delicacy. I felt like this because my MIL was force feeding me a real blueberry scone (that has 46 carbs per scone btw) so I took on the challenge to make keto friendly one. Luckily I’ve found this recipe HERE . I’ve literally made 2 batches in the last week. It’s THAT good and will help with your sweet cravings! I may use the dough base to make some keto chocolate chip cookies.

Burnt Ends with cauliflower rice. Yes we stayed in the USA for this (this is texas barbecue) but one weekend I was REALLY craving bbq. I’m still waiting on my smoker, so I cooked it low and slow at 250 in my oven for about 3.5 hours. Then I chopped it up, put sugar free barbecue sauce on it, and put it back in at 350 degrees for 30 mins. It was so good, especially over cauliflower rice.

Carne Asada with mexican cauliflower rice. My Italian fiance had never had something like this before, and I knew it was a popular Mexican dish. I love all things Mexican. I had this on a low carb tortilla (mission carb balance) with the most amazing Mexican cauliflower rice along with keto margaritas. So good and so worth it, in case you ever want to change up taco Tuesdays. Rice recipe HERE.

Chicken Parmesan with zoodles. Yep we are transported to Italy now, and this definitely made my Italian fiance super happy. For the breading I used pork rinds, Italian seasoning, and egg. I also used Rao’s Pasta Sauce to keep this super low carb. The chicken was super juicy and crispy (how it should be) without being soggy. Zoodles is perfect for any tomato based sauce.

Keto Pizza! Sticking with Italy one more time, I was craving pizza just a couple weeks ago. So I was on the hunt for the best pizza dough recipe and I’ve found it HERE . It was so good! It was gone in less than 15 minutes! Next time I might make 1 pizza per person (yes I know carby, but I allow myself up to 50 a day, and a whole pizza *dough, sauce & toppings* might be 20 ish carbs if you are HUNGRY.) We had this with salad, and let me tell you, with the three pieces I’ve had, I was full and did not eat until the next day. It’s filling and delicious!

Jagerschniztel on top of cauliflower rice. The only German place in my town has closed down forever (they sold their place) so I wanted to treat my fiance with some German food. I used pork rinds for the fast fry pork chops, keto cream of mushroom soup, beef broth, red wine, onions, more mushrooms and a little xantham gum for the sauce. I even fried up some bacon to give it more flavor as topping. I served this with cauliflower rice and a lemon. Apparently this is on the top 10 I need to make often according to people.

Korean short ribs with korean salad. I’ve just made this on Tuesday. I’ve been craving actual asian food for a long time. I went shopping last weekend and got all the asian flavors we needed, plus ordered my swerve brown sugar so I could keep this as low carb as possible. I did use soy sauce, but feel free to use coconut aminos. It was one of the best asian dishes I’ve had in a long time, I may never get takeout again. My salad is relevantly low carb, it does have an apple in it, but feel free to omit. Salad recipe HERE

Beef Stroganoff over cauliflower rice. I’m actually nearly 50% eastern eurpoean so I definitely wanted to do a russian dish. I did the slow cooker version because I figure low and slow was a good idea plus it was 95 degrees the day I made this. YES, why the heck would I make a comforting winter dish during a heat wave? I had the ingredients already so I went ahead and made this. I added xantham gum instead of flour to thicken up the sauce. I also used cauliflower rice. It was delicious, even on a HOT DAY!.

Grilled Tandoori Chicken with indian rice. I love Indian food. I used to get this chili chicken curry from my favorite Indian place. But with this pandemic, as usual, got creative again and decided we are having tandoori chicken. I didn’t want to cook in the house. I did use a store bought sauce (it is carby but there’s many recipes for less carbs) which made my chicken pieces around 3.5 net carbs each. I paired it with this Indian rice that I make every time we have Indian food and let me tell you its the bomb! I add garam masala to give it more flavor. We like to have Indian dishes with a glass of champagne. Rice Recipe HERE

As you can see, I’ve been busy experimenting during the pandemic. It’s better than trying to get takeout all the time. (We do support our local restaurants and you should too!). It keeps me sane when I try new things in the kitchen. There’s nothing like having a drink, a recipe pulled up, music on and the experiment begins.

I got most of these ideas from Pinterest and just craving them. But if you ever feel lazy, can’t think of anything, get one of my meal plans. I am coming out with a full 7 day one soon. For now, get the 3 day one, very simple, HERE.

Stay tuned for my updates on my journey and a whole bbq post. (yes I’m that kind of person who loves to be at the grill.)

With Love,


A good reason to use the grill more

I’ve actually been in a stall for a LONG time just being keto, sometimes low carb. After heavily researching, I’ve decided I am going to modify my diet. I’ve decided for the time being, I am going carnivore at least 3 (maybe 4) days a week. I was going to do full on, but I don’t want to accidentally stray off plan (as I have done with keto at times).

I will be posting on social media what I ate every single day and tracking my progress. I’m hoping at the end of this modifed diet, I see the results I am looking for. Then I will most likely get back on keto as I FEEL BETTER than I ever have in years.

I am also going to be adding more exercise so I don’t get the severe dreaded loose skin. It’s still my fear that I will be saggy everywhere and I’m not even 30 yet. I already walk my dog daily but I’m thinking of getting a pair of dumbbells (if they’re still available in stores, they’ve been selling like hotcakes lately) and do more strength training. I will too post progress on that.

Ready to build mini muscles

If you want to follow a similar plan that I am going to be following, you can do so. Here it is:

Sunday- keto-low carb, rest day

Monday- Carnivore, walk & strength training

Tuesday- keto-low carb, walk

Wednesday- Carnivore, walk, strength training & weights

Thursday- Carnivore, walk, strength training & weights

Friday- keto-low carb, walk

Saturday- keto-low carb, walk

I may change it up, but if you want to try carnivore you can try it slowly before going full on. I just choose not to do it full on at this time.

Please wish me luck, and hope that this actually break this stall and gives me the whoosh I’ve been waiting for since…. pre corona.

Have a great night y’all and don’t forget to follow me on social media so you can see how I actually fare out. If not, I will be posting on here as much as possible.



When you think of keto, you think of HIGH FAT. High fat scares a lot of people, but it doesn’t for traditional keto people who slurps butter & bacon grease by the gallon. When you say you do high protein, you get all the keto police saying “too much protein=too much sugar.” There are many evidences saying its not really the case because while it does produce some form of sugar, it won’t make you FAT. Look at it this way, humans used to be carnivore before we even knew about fresh vegetables. They survived and evolved since then.

I had my gall bladder out in June 2009. When I was reading about keto, I was actually genuinely worried maybe it wouldn’t work for me. I even watched the magic pill on Netflix, which is a good show by the way. I started joining facebook keto groups, and I saw people were actually doing keto THEIR WAY. There’s lazy & dirty keto, clean keto, and the high protein keto. I already love to eat meat as it is, so I joined all of them plus the high protein keto one. I’ve lurked for months, and when it was time to get my macros done, I started on July 29th, 2019.

I basically keep my meals simple. A lot of meat with some veggies (we need SOME carbs) and a little bit of fat. I did not feel the same distress as I did when I was eating carbs with my gall bladder being gone. I went to the bathroom less (which was good for me). I felt FULL and did not feel the need to snack. That was because of the amount of meat I was eating at meal times (which was only twice a day). I lost nearly 30 POUNDS the first month (Technically month of August as I’ve started July 29).

I also lost over 30 inches over my entire body since starting. I have not measured everywhere recently. I seem to be losing more inches then weight, but I know its building me muscles. When I see results, it makes it worth it doing high protein. I occassionally have some bacon, or higher fat, but its not often. I treat higher fat as an actual treat. Some people need their sweet fix. I just want my meat because its the most delcious thing on my plate. (Veggies can be boring if you don’t dress it up often).

I feel I have a lot more energy, I am sleeping better and a hell of a less bloating in my stomach. I think its true with the traditional keto but with me and my missing gb issues, it’s a blessing. No more runs to the bathroom. No more telling my fiance I need to be near a bathroom within 10 mile radius if we go anywhere out of town.

These are my reasons why I do high protein keto. What are your reasons? If it’s not high protein, why do you do keto?



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