My name is Angel, the girl behind Only Deliciousness.  

I’m one of those women who does in fact have PCOS and told by doctors I was about to develop MANY issues due to my weight. I blamed PCOS for years for my weight, and tried to use it as an excuse. But when I heard about my last blood test, enough was enough. You can read a little more on that story here. 

I first heard of keto early 2019, when it was all the rage. I started researching it. I was like, “You can lose weight without STARVING yourself?” That’s amazing!  But a couple of things that held me back was…money and high fat.  So, the starting keto then was not an option. But as I joined more Facebook groups (I seriously recommend this for support, especially if you live in a non keto household like me!) I saw you can do keto differently. You could do keto on a budget. That’s when I really said to myself, “That’s it, I am starting on July 29th.”  I wanted to get celebrate my birthday, my fiance’s birthday which was late July without worrying about “cheating”.

So fast forward 6.5 months later, I realize I am more successful on a protein prioritized keto vs traditional keto.  “UM…. WHAT? YOU DON’T NEED TO EAT ALL THAT FAT?”   In my opinion, if you’re FAT to begin with, why the hell would you eat even more FAT? Besides too much fat makes me legit sick.   I also just never had a sweet tooth so I’m one of those lucky keto’ers that’s not spending a fortune on all those keto baking ingredients just to satisfy their sugar craving. Thank goodness I’m a very savoury girl. It worked out better for my wallet anyways. I swear when I do crave anything sweet, it’s usually those no sugar energy drinks that I like once in a RARE blue moon.


I created this blog because I just love making food, taking pictures, and telling everyone how good it was. I created a instagram account, and started posting my pictures and that gave me the confidence to keep looking for the best recipes that tastes…well, only deliciousness.   Most of what I made is not made by me unfortunately, but since starting keto, I do have a few original recipes I’m ready to share.  I’m literally meat and veggies most of the time.  I don’t do keto the normal way, you don’t have to either.  All I can do is be myself, give you my experiences, show some of my life,  my photos, videos and hopefully you’ll be inspired by my ramblings.  


I am not a doctor nor do I have actual medical qualifications. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt and consult your actual doctor, not me or google.  You should always consult your doctor before starting any major lifestyle change, INCLUDING KETO

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