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I haven’t written here for a while but WOW what a summer. It definitely was different this year. We used to do all kind of day trips and eat all kinds of food while doing day tripping. This year, we did more local exploring and ate all kind of new local foods here.

I need to be honest, in order to do keto, you really need to have a plan. Because winging it on the keto diet, means you’ll end up cheating, just like I did. I can tell you right now, as long you are in weight loss mode, cheating is 100% not worth it. It really needs to be far and in between. Maybe every 2-3 months, instead of every weekend. This was a painful lesson I’ve learned this year.

I thought I could just do keto during the week, and cheat on weekends so that this lifestyle would be more sustainable. NOPE. Just NOPE. You literally are bouncing the same 5 pounds. It doesn’t matter if you had 0 carbs per day or up to 30 carbs per day, if you have a carb-filled weekend all your efforts go to waste. My results were….. I did not gain or lose since being a whole lot lenient on keto. You truly need to be a little more strict in order to see results.

I strongly suggest waiting until your fat adapted and extremely disciplined to get right back to keto if you are going to cheat. It’s a vicious cycle because that’s what carbs do to you. It keeps you trapped, feeling like you are getting nowhere in your journey.

I am writing this post to finally hold myself accountable. I’ve had all the foods. All the drinks. Now fall is NEARLY here, its time to meal prep, excerise more (besides just walking). Why am I starting again in September? 2020 is already a crappy year, so I may as well go out this year with a BANG. Besides I want to fit in this new years eve dress (yes I’m thinking that far ahead) and feel great.

So, don’t become me. Let’s hold each other accountable. Let this be a reminder that we truly need to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally. 2020 has been a trying year for that, but since we’re nearly down the last 3-4 months, lets go out with a bang because 2021 will be amazing, and I want to be healthy for that!

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