Hi there! I’m Angel Wheeler, a massive hardcore foodie who runs Only Deliciousness. Why that name? I only share only delicious low carb – keto foods that I find delicious or have made and is actually delicious.  I started keto in 2019 and been loving the delicious food that I can make on this diet!

I often write about food, the keto lifestyle and my updates during my journey on this BLOG.

I hope this blog is an inspiration to you as you start or continuing your journey.  Just because we are all on a diet, it doesn’t mean our relationship with food is unhealthy. We can make it DELICIOUS and HEALTHY at the same time!

So, that’s me. I cook all these amazing low carb-keto foods that I find on social media. I then share it.  It became my lifestyle. Now I can show my passion to the world.

With Love,


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